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Translation of abjure in Spanish

to abjure abjurar

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We were indeed the only ones there so we took our time and enjoyed the moment. A little later we ate lunch which consisted of the snacks we had brought and a coconut. It was only one o'clock.
Banteay Srey was beautiful. It was a very small temple but it had a lot of detail in it. Simathay explained everything. He was truly a great tour guide and we were happy that we had met him.
Sorry but I hadn't have enough time in the last two weeks to respond to your email and to your interesting offer. I really need to think about it a little longer, and I am sure you'd understand.

English Verbs    
Conjugation of abjure   [ abjured, abjured ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of abjurar
abjuro  abjuras  abjura  abjuramos  abjuráis  abjuran  abjuraba  abjurabas  abjuraba  abjurábamos  abjurabais  abjuraban  abjuré  abjuraste  abjuró  abjuramos  abjurasteis  abjuraron  abjuraré  abjurarás  abjurará  abjuraremos  abjuraréis  abjurarán