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Translation of later in Spanish

later We will come later, don't wait for us. después Llegaremos después, no nos esperen.
later See you later. luego Hasta luego.
later después; luego; más tarde; posteriormente; ulterior

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Sample sentences:
They replayed the game a week later.

Una semana después jugaron de nuevo.
I will unfreeze the meat to roast it later. Voy a descongelar la carne para asarla luego.
Are we meeting later for a drink? - Ok! ¿Nos reunimos luego a tomar una copa? - ¡Vale!
See you later. Hasta la vista.; Hasta luego.
even later todavía mas tarde
until later hasta luego
then/later luego

At the end of October my family will be taking a short vacation to Biron Bay north of Sidney. My wife wants to visit the coast. There are many good restaurants near Brion Bay with fresh seafood.
His name was Samy and he offered to take us to several places. In the beginning we were bothered as he did not stop talking on the way from the airport to the hotel and we thought he tried to sell something.
My sister just moved to Boston, Massachusetts and I visited her for two days only. This means that I do not know the city but what i saw of it was really nice. I will visit her next month or so.