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Translation of abadejo

el abadejo     the cod    ; the haddock    ; the pollack    

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Sample sentences:
El abadejo es un pescado muy apreciado en Europa.

The haddock is a very appreciated fish in Europe.

I have been living in Holland for the last 14 years and I know the mentality very well. Holland is a small country, everybody knows everybody, so if we want to succeed, we must seize the opportunity.
I guess so, not sure though. I think I used the one you have sent me. Ohhh, press the 'wall' tab! Right below the title near the logo. The message appears near the sleeping man's picture on the main page.
Thanks for the corrections and for accepting my friends request. You are completely right: Spanish grammar is simpler than German grammar. I was just looking for a job where both languages are required.
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