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¡Hola! Vocabulix is a great language-learning website. Use our Vocabulary Builder, Verb Trainer, Grammar Tips, Dictionary, Verb Reference Tables or meet fellow language learners online.

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Improve your Spanish Verb Conjugation skills with this free and efficient Verb Drills tool.
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A special thanks to Vivien from the Language Department for adding and sharing those lessons.

Ways to learn Spanish:

  There are many ways to study languages - one way is to use the Internet which gives you the opportunity to study online. There are many different interactive online tools available for free on the Internet. Vocabulix has many of these free tools and focuses primarily on vocabulary drills. With Vocabulix you can learn Spanish vocabulary using the flashcard memorization technique, called: 'vocabulary builder'. The vocabulary builder displays words in your native language and you will then need to type these words in your desired foreign language. The program will memorize the words you answered/typed incorrectly and will ask you those words again at a later stage, until you have learnt all of the words by heart. There are over 90 predefined 'Learn Spanish lessons' in the system. In order to make your progress easier and more enjoyable, Vocabulix also provides lessons with associative visuals.

Learn Spanish pronunciation: Once you start with the lesson, you will notice that most words have a sound icon on the right hand side. Pressing this icon will open a window and you will hear the pronunciation of the word. For this feature you need speakers and allow your browser to open external windows (pop-ups).