English Grammar

An overview of all our tutorials on English Grammar. We are regularly uploading new content with the goal of helping language learners understand English Grammar in an easy way. Many of the following articles will have grammar exercises: Read the articles first and continue with the grammar drills.

In order to learn English vocabulary go to our Vocabulary Builder, for Verbs use our Verb drill tool.

Most popular topics

English Numbers

Some and any Some and any are used in different ways.

Then or than Learn how not to confuse these two words in English.

Much or Many That's too much for you? Not too many things to remember...

Irregular English Verbs Overview of the verbs


Simple Present

Present Progressive

Past Progressive

Simple Past

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Present Participle

Past Participle

Will future

Going to future

General English Grammar

Imperative Sentence in English Use the imperative form in English correctly...

Comparative and superlative of adjectives

Comparative and superlative of adverbs





Modal Verbs

Effect or Affect - Easy Advice for Common Use

Expressing Time Half past nine, A quarter to five...

English Reading Comprehension