English Reading Comprehension


Reading comprehension is the key to mastering any language because reading is the best way to expand your vocabulary and learn the proper use of syntax. In English this is particularly true because most of the rules of grammar and syntax are flexible and rules learned in language lessons may have numerous exceptions.

Start now with the English Reading Comprehension Exercise

For advanced English learners, we have put together some reading comprehension exercises based on artciles from known newspapers: Reading Comprehension from The British Telegraph

English is spoken as a primary or secondary language in more places in the world than any other language and it is constantly evolving. Since the advent of the internet and recognition of the global economy, the language has added dozens of new words. Even native speakers find that regular reading can increase their vocabulary and their ability to express their thoughts precisely.

A popular U.S. public service advertisement uses the tagline "The more you read, the more you know." This is only true when you understand the meaning of the words you read. When you can read and comprehend the message, you increase both your general knowledge and your knowledge of the language.

The following reading exercises are designed to test your understanding of written English and identify those areas where additional study is needed. Take the time to read each paragraph carefully before completing the answers to the exercises.