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Vocabulix is a great language-learning site. Use it to improve your English vocabulary, verb conjugations, English grammar, find friends and much more. Enjoy learning new languages!

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  With Vocabulix you can practice English as a foreign language (EFL), using the sophisticated flashcard memorization program (vocabulary and verb conjugations). If your mother tongue is Spanish or German you can practice words from over 90 predefined lessons in English. These include lessons with images (for visual association) and audio pronunciation. The program will show you words in your mother tongue and you will be asked by the program to translate these words into English. If your mother tongue is not Spanish or German you may still create your own lessons by inserting your own vocabulary list into the program. These self created vocabulary lessons can be shared with other Vocabulix users (students). In order to create your own lessons you need to have a user account at Vocabulix and be signed in.