German Grammar

An overview of our tutorials on German Grammar as well as Grammar exercises. For the grammar exercises, press the upper right button in each tutorial.

In order to learn German vocabulary go to our Vocabulary Builder, for Verbs use our Verb drill tool.

Most popular topics

German Numbers

Seit or seid Learn when to use each one in German.

Das or Dass the difference.


Declension - Overview

   Nominative case the first case

   Genitive case the second case

   Dative case the third case

   Accusative case the fourth case


Präsens - German Present

Präteritum - German Past (simple)

German Present Perfect

German Past Perfect - Plusquamperfekt

German Future - Zukunft 1

German Future - Zukunft 2

Present Participle - Partizip 1

Past Participle - Partizip 2

Strong, weak and mixed verbs

Reading Comprehension Drills

Reading Comprehension Drills in German
Advanced reading comprehension based on newspaper articles in German.

Travel & Language

Trip to Hanover - Kaffeeklatsch & Fußball