German Reading Comprehension Drills

Reading comprehension plays a great part in making learning a new language as easy as possible. As you learn new words in certain situations, you will begin to see how various rules come in to play, and how the formation of words can follow a specific pattern. This will make it much easier for you to expand your vocabulary as you understand more about the German language.

Please note that we have created some German reading comprehension exercises based on articles from major German and Swiss newspapers. Click on one of the links to view the articles by paper: with a focus on travel in Germany

Sü with a focus on travel in Germany (South) and Switzerland with a focus on travel in Switzerland

There is a big difference between hearing a language being spoken, and reading it. With many languages, there are accents, intonations, and collections of letters which form a particular sound. Often the written word is more formal than the spoken one. The German language is no exception and German reading comprehension lessons will certainly help you in more ways than you may have imagined. Simple things like signs will become easier to understand and your recognition of words in specific situations will improve. As your language skills improve, so will your confidence with the language, both speaking it and reading it.