German Reading Comprehension from the Swiss newspaper Blick

In these pages we have summarized reading comprehension exercises based on articles found in the Swiss newspaper Blick. We have tried to include mainly travel and vacation articles about Switzerland (Vocabulix's base country). By reading the articles and completing the exercises you will not only improve your reading capability in German, but you will also learn about the great beauty spots that Switzerland has to offer. We will include articles about the Alpine and Southern region, Switzerland's most attractive and historic cities, and articles which will help you to learn and understand more about Swiss culture..

How does it work? At the beginning you will be shown a short extract from the full text and a link. The link will open the complete article in a new browser window. Once you have read and understood the article, click "Show Questions" and attempt to answer questions, all of which are related specifically to the article you have just read.

Please select an article from this list:

Blick is one of the largest daily newspapers in Switzerland, with a circulation of roughly 200,000. Blick was founded in 1959 and is published by Ringier in Zürich. It is printed in the German language and covers Swiss local news and politics, sports, violence or tragedies with an element of sensationalism. The newspaper has been criticized by many for it's overly dramatic approach to providing news, but it quickly gained in popularity, which then led to a tremendous financial success. Its methods and philosophies have seen Blick involved in many scandals throughout the years, however it would seem to be untouchable as it has remained popular throughout the passage of time. Today it is still one Switzerland's most important newspapers.

The reading comprehension level of the articles is intermediate to advanced.