German Reading Comprehensions from the

Here we have listed our reading comprehension drills based on newspaper articles from the German Bild Zeitung's online edition. Most of the articles focus on vacations in Germany, on German cities, or on places where German is a spoken language.

How does it work? At the beginning you will be shown a short extract from the full text and a link. The link will open the complete article in a new browser window. Once you have read and understood the article, click "Show Questions" and attempt to answer questions, all of which are related specifically to the article you have just read.

Choose one of the articles in the following list:

The online edition of reproduces many of the articles from the printed edition "Bild Zeitung". The newspaper was founded in 1952 by Axel Springer and still belongs to the Axel Springer group. It is one of the biggest newspapers worldwide and has a daily circulation of more than three million. The name of the German tabloid is derived from the fact that it originally consisted mainly of pictures ("Bild" means "picture" in German). The German Verb "bilden" also means "to make", and "gebildet" means "educated". Therefore, one of the slogans of the paper is "Bild Dir Deine (eigene) Meinung" which translates to "Make your (own) opinion". Generally speaking, Bild is a centrist-to-conservative newspaper.

Some people are a little scathing and say that the Bild is full of populist writing directed to the masses and is also full of gossip. However it is very widely read, to the point where some feel it has an influence over German governmental policy as its readership is so large.