Much or Many


Not Too Much to Ask!


"Much" is used when something cannot be counted such as milk (You would not say: "I have three milks.") or money (You would not say: "I have ten moneys," either!).

How much milk did you drink?
We don't have much gas left.


"Many" is used when something can be counted. You can say, for example: "2 people", "3 apples", or "4 cartons of milk".

Many people came for the unusual event in the park.
Today, many schools offer computer courses for their students.
How many apples did you pick?
Mom bought three cartons of milk.

Positive Statements

In positive statements, we mostly say "a lot of" or "lots of" instead of "much" or "many".

Our menu contains a lot of fruit and veg.
My grandpa had lots of stuff in his house.
A lot of people were waiting in line for fresh pretzels.


This is not the case after "so", "as", and "too". After these words, you can only use "much" or "many"!

Peter, I have so much work today!
I ate too much coleslaw again!
I didn't eat as much coleslaw as you.