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Translation of abajo

abajo      down     
abajo     beneath    

Pronunciation of abajo    

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Sample sentences:
Mi dormitorio es la habitación de abajo de la casa.

My bedroom is the room downstairs in the house.
El aviador condujo al pequeño aeroplano para arriba y para abajo en un espectáculo de acrobacia. The flyer led the small airplane up and down in a show of acrobatics.
El ascensor va hacia abajo ahora. The lift is going downward now.
va cuesta abajo going down hill
calle abajo down the street
abajo, más abajo below
acá abajo down here
abajo below; downstairs
abajo de underneath

He wants to say that peace and brutality are very connected. In one line he is talking about the cleanness and in the next line he is talking about the witches' broth. How good is that, isn't it?
The writer describes this situation by putting the persons into a natural environment. On one side there was no shade and there weren't any trees, he says. This description can be interpreted.
I chose a room in the center of town. I went to the northern beach of the island which was supposedly the most beautiful one. There were many young tourist lying in the sand but I still felt foreign.
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