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Translation of ablandar

ablandar     to soften    ; to soothe    

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Today the spring really showed itself. It was over eighteen degrees and people started wearing nice and with T-shirts. Snow has melted and the temperature is steady. I can't wait for the summer.
Anyway, I used these two weeks of break in order to fly to a Spanish speaking country and learn a new language. My friends told me that it was a waste of time but I really insisted. It is educational.
Once at the JFK I had six hours of stop over. That was plenty of time to think whether it was worth flying to Cancun or staying a few days in NY, waiting for the hurricane to pass. I called friends.
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Conjugation of ablandar
ablando  ablandas  ablanda  ablandamos  ablandáis  ablandan  ablandaba  ablandabas  ablandaba  ablandábamos  ablandabais  ablandaban  ablandé  ablandaste  ablandó  ablandamos  ablandasteis  ablandaron  ablandaré  ablandarás  ablandará  ablandaremos  ablandaréis  ablandarán