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ahorrar      to save money     

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ahorrar save (money)
ahorrar to save

Exactly on that weekend there was a traditional apple event which is celebrated every year by the people of this small town. Naturally, It was very nice to see it, to see farmers outside of the city.
Most are just afraid of the unknown and see the unknown as a threat to their stabilty. Can one blame them? I think you can blame them. It is the fault of the ones that are scared to improve and learn.
One could see the animals from a distance. There were sea lions, whales and penguins, all very far away. In the evening we went on a boat for whale watching which was a really great experience.
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Conjugation of ahorrar
ahorro  ahorras  ahorra  ahorramos  ahorráis  ahorran  ahorraba  ahorrabas  ahorraba  ahorrábamos  ahorrabais  ahorraban  ahorré  ahorraste  ahorró  ahorramos  ahorrasteis  ahorraron  ahorraré  ahorrarás  ahorrará  ahorraremos  ahorraréis  ahorrarán