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Almuerzo in English

el almuerzo      the lunch     
el almuerzo     the luncheon    

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Sample sentences:
Ella siempre tiene el almuerzo listo antes del mediodía.

She always has lunch ready before midday.
Tuvimos flan de postre en el almuerzo. We had custard for dessert at lunch.
Hoy comí una tortilla con cebollino en el almuerzo. I had an omelet with chives at lunch today.
el almuerzo lunch(1)
almuerzo lunch(1)

On the contrary, Swiss like to isolate themselves from the rest, maybe because the believe that they are superior or better, or maybe because they are just afraid of the unknown, change is not happening.
There were mountains. The heat of the day stand for the atmosphere between the man and the woman. They are waiting for the train from Barcelona to Madrid at a station between the two cities.
If I could get that far in Galaga, and handle enemy starships, I was sure that I could handle hurricane Ivan. I decided to continue to Mexico after having two dry airport muffins for breakfast.
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