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Translation of anular

anular     to annul    ; to cancel    ; to override    ; to quash    ; to recall    ; to reverse    ; to undo    

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Sample sentences:
El Presidente de la Junta ha anulado la decisión de la Junta para contratar a dos secretarios más.

The Chairman of the Board has overridden the Board decision to hire two more secretaries.

The utopia from Germany is not very different from the Utopia of other countries. People want to be rich, free and happy. What is special in Switzerland is that people do not care about other nations.
I just saw the Arsenal match. It was very boring and the atmosphere in the stadium was weak. I think that it was mainly due to the cold and not due to the quality of the game. But it was worth it.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of anular
anulo  anulas  anula  anulamos  anuláis  anulan  anulaba  anulabas  anulaba  anulábamos  anulabais  anulaban  anulé  anulaste  anuló  anulamos  anulasteis  anularon  anularé  anularás  anulará  anularemos  anularéis  anularán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of annul   [ annulled, annulled ]
Conjugation of cancel   [ canceled, canceled ]
Conjugation of quash   [ quashed, quashed ]
Conjugation of recall   [ recalled, recalled ]
Conjugation of reverse   [ reversed, reversed ]
Conjugation of undo   [ undid, undone ]