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Translation of arduo

arduo     arduous    

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Sample sentences:
Ella recibió una recompensa por su arduo trabajo en la empresa.

She received a reward for her hard work at the company.
La ascensión a esa montaña es muy ardua. The ascension up that mountain is very arduous.
Su trabajo es muy arduo. His work is very arduous.

I have started learning only one month ago, that was during the summer holidays, I want to go to Canada for three weeks and then participate in a course. I hope that I will improve it more or less.
The conjugations of verbs are the biggest problem for me. I have never studied Spanish in school, but visited evening classes instead. This year I want to take a full Spanish course.
My name is Michael. I am from Budapest in Hungaria. I speak Hungarian, of course and English. Maybe I could help you with something. I would also like to learn Spanish. Would you mind teaching me?
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