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aterrizar      to land     

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Sample sentences:
El avión aterrizó suavemente en la pista de aterrizaje.

The plane landed smoothly on the airstrip.
aterrizar приземляться
aterrizar to land

We can recognize the facts and how they are. So we might observe a lot of things but we will never understand, we will never know why the flower is red, what brought the little aninal to that height.
The advantage of this change is that: 1. it improves the response time after every asked word by double. 2. Some do not want to save their lessons, they just want to test it without results being collected...
I can highly recommend to visit there. After only three hours we had to leave and drive to the international airport. We ate lunch and boarded the aircraft which took us to Bangkok within three hours.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of aterrizar
aterrizo  aterrizas  aterriza  aterrizamos  aterrizáis  aterrizan  aterrizaba  aterrizabas  aterrizaba  aterrizábamos  aterrizabais  aterrizaban  aterricé  aterrizaste  aterrizó  aterrizamos  aterrizasteis  aterrizaron  aterrizaré  aterrizarás  aterrizará  aterrizaremos  aterrizaréis  aterrizarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of land   [ landed, landed ]