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Translation of calmar

calmar     to calm    ; to soothe    ; to assuage    ; to calm down

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Sample sentences:
Una taza de té de tilo lo va a calmar.

I cup of lime tea will calm you down.
calmar; tranquilizar to calm down
calmar to calm

I came on time and two hours later I arrived at Tuxla Gutieres. I was always suspicious here and I never knew whom to trust. Somehow I got to the airport a few hours too early but this is better.
The letter and the date are fine. Let me know how many people are interested. I cannot promise that it will work. The size however is OK. It is worth a trial, maybe even the ones with Spanish words.
We had to be careful of not falling into the water. We rowed for about an hour and we got tired pretty easily. Especially the other man and woman looked devastated, at the limit of their physical capabilities.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of calmar
calmo  calmas  calma  calmamos  calmáis  calman  calmaba  calmabas  calmaba  calmábamos  calmabais  calmaban  calmé  calmaste  calmó  calmamos  calmasteis  calmaron  calmaré  calmarás  calmará  calmaremos  calmaréis  calmarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of assuage   [ assuaged, assuaged ]
Conjugation of calm   [ calmed, calmed ]