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Translation of calzone

el calzone     the calzone    

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Sample sentences:
Almorcemos un calzone.

Let's have a calzone for lunch.

For example, if I am working very early in the morning, let's say 06.00 (that would be 09.00 your time), I don't notice it much. But 9 hours later, the system slows down, because people in Europe get online.
Yes, but on the other hand, using full, simple sentences also helps people who are learning the language more than just the short clauses. It is probably a mix of both, but I have not decided yet which ratio is the best for us.
I come from Panama, but for 2 years now I have been living in Austria. I hope you have time for me. Normally, I finish my work at 7 o'clock. Where are you living at the moment? Where were you born?
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