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Translation of cargar

cargar      to load     
cargar     to charge    ; to load    ; to annoy    
cargar     to carry    ; to upload    

Pronunciation of cargar    

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Sample sentences:
Tengo que volver a cargar el programa porque no está funcionando bien.

I have to reload the program because it is not working well.
Están cargando la furgoneta con todo lo que necesitan para el campamento. They are loading the van with all the stuff they need for the camp.
cargar con carry a burden
cargar to load
cargar carry

The image seems so peaceful, calm and untouched. On the contrary, the topic is about death, brutality and the confrontation (the fight) between strong and week, between the spide and the moth.
It comes not only from the need to feel superior (which would be a legitimate and natural desire), it is also the consequence of ignorance, believe in stereotypes and old-fashioned intolerance.
We felt a little awkward to be the only people in the restaurant and felt a little uncomfortable having taken with us another couple. In addition the Uruguayan cook and owner was drunk, but the food was excellent.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of cargar
cargo  cargas  carga  cargamos  cargáis  cargan  cargaba  cargabas  cargaba  cargábamos  cargabais  cargaban  cargué  cargaste  cargó  cargamos  cargasteis  cargaron  cargaré  cargarás  cargará  cargaremos  cargaréis  cargarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of annoy   [ annoyed, annoyed ]
Conjugation of carry   [ carried, carried ]
Conjugation of charge   [ charged, charged ]
Conjugation of load   [ loaded, loaded ]