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Translation of chatear

chatear     to chat (instant messaging)

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I've never been to Switzerland, but I've been thinking about visiting it for a long time. Until now I was only in France and Holland. I should take the time and travel and visit new places.
The people of Majorca are very friendly, helpful and prepared for tourism. The young tourist come here just to party, to meet other people and to have fun on the beach! Just right the right thing for me.
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Conjugation of chatear
chateo  chateas  chatea  chateamos  chateáis  chatean  chateaba  chateabas  chateaba  chateábamos  chateabais  chateaban  chateé  chateaste  chateó  chateamos  chateasteis  chatearon  chatearé  chatearás  chateará  chatearemos  chatearéis  chatearán