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Translation of chupón

el chupón     the hickey [coll]; the nipple (of baby bottle); the sucker [vulg]

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Sample sentences:
Se rieron de él porque tenía un chupón en el cuello.

He was laughed at because he had a hickey on his neck.

I will usually use the most usual sense of the term, and not the more sophisticated ones and I think you will understand what I wanted to say. In any case we should review all words every two days or so.
Yes, my Spanish is much better than your German, but it is not true that I do not want to learn with you. I think this is not an issue. Where do you come from in the U.S.? East or West coast?
I am glad that you accepted my offer. I would like to write letters and emails in English and if you want you can write back to me in German. I want to correct your German and so we will both get better.
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