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Translation of contentar

contentar     to please    

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Sample sentences:
Estaba contenta de que su amiga la visitara.

She was glad that her friend visited her.

He wants to say that peace and brutality are very connected. In one line he is talking about the cleanness and in the next line he is talking about the witches' broth. How good is that, isn't it?
The ride took us through mountainous areas, covered with dark green forest, with so many curves that I got sick. I wanted to vomit but I held myself back, as there were so many other next to me.
I had to fly to Switzerland very urgently on Sunday, now I am back. Anyway, attached is a newsletter that will be sent to the users of Vocabulix. Should there be any changes, it would be nice.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of contentar
contento  contentas  contenta  contentamos  contentáis  contentan  contentaba  contentabas  contentaba  contentábamos  contentabais  contentaban  contenté  contentaste  contentó  contentamos  contentasteis  contentaron  contentaré  contentarás  contentará  contentaremos  contentaréis  contentarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of please   [ pleased, pleased ]