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Translation of continuar

continuar     to resume    

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Sample sentences:
Se alojaron en el albergue durante tres días antes de continuar su viaje.

They stayed at the hostel for three days before continuing on their trip.
Se detuvieron en un motel para descansar antes de continuar su viaje. They stopped at a motel to have a rest before continuing on their trip.
Si continúa este clima espantoso nos tendremos que quedar en casa . We will have to stay at home if this vile weather continues.

I am asking you to give me a reply as soon as possible so that we can proceed. Have you ever tested the new version? Many users are waiting for it, and are sending me lots of emails about it.
I want to study either computer science or do an MBA. I love to programm and I am doing it a lot, although I am very impatient sometimes. I also like math, but I hate writting long letters.
Perhaps we are could meet sometime in person, not just via the Internet. Of course, we should still write each other a lot. I will get back to you once I am back in Cologne, and then give you know.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of continuar
continúo  continúas  continúa  continuamos  continuáis  continúan  continuaba  continuabas  continuaba  continuábamos  continuabais  continuaban  continué  continuaste  continuó  continuamos  continuasteis  continuaron  continuaré  continuarás  continuará  continuaremos  continuaréis  continuarán