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Translation of conversar

conversar      to chat     
conversar     to talk    ; to converse    

Pronunciation of conversar    

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Sample sentences:
Se quedaron conversando en el jardín bajo la luz de la luna.

They stayed in the garden chatting under the moonlight.
conversar to converse

I have the OK. They will make the changes and resend the homework tasks. I think that beginning of July would be a good date to start learning. What do you think? We should not wait too long.
For example, there are many regions in the United States in which only few African-Americans live. Somehow intolerance is the biggest there, because the citizens there are not used to foreigners.
He started to shout and to curse at my wife and me, but we did not give him additional money. I am convinced that he knew exactly that he did not take us to the original hotel but to a fake one.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of conversar
converso  conversas  conversa  conversamos  conversáis  conversan  conversaba  conversabas  conversaba  conversábamos  conversabais  conversaban  conversé  conversaste  conversó  conversamos  conversasteis  conversaron  conversaré  conversarás  conversará  conversaremos  conversaréis  conversarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of chat   [ chatted, chatted ]
Conjugation of converse   [ conversed, conversed ]
Conjugation of talk   [ talked, talked ]