Spanish Dictionary

Translation of corrosión

la corrosión     the corrosion    

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Sample sentences:
Robert hizo pintar su coche porque la corrosión le arruinó la carrocería.

Robert had his car painted because corrosion ruined its bodywork.

After next week, I will tutor the Mr. Zillmay from the language lab in Los Angeles, he is currently in the states. The lesson will take place in LA, but it may be held no earlier than mid-February.
Sorry, I did not know that I have a meeting with a friend. I will talk about our trip. Many thanks for the email and I hope we write eachother again soon and next time longer letters, I promise.
Thanks for the corrections and for accepting my friends request. You are completely right: Spanish grammar is simpler than German grammar. I was just looking for a job where both languages are required.
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