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Translation of cotillear

cotillear     to gossip    
cotillear     to blab    

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Sample sentences:
A las jovencitas les gusta cotillear.

Young girls love to blab.

So, I have to say that the behavior of the people living in Turkey is very different from most countries in the world. They are very open, kind and funny, sometimes one can think that they are rude.
The ride took us through mountainous areas, covered with dark green forest, with so many curves that I got sick. I wanted to vomit but I held myself back, as there were so many other next to me.
We did not feel any danger at all and found the area very attractive. Especially Bocca with its colorful building appealed to us. In addition, we found out that Maradonna was the king of this neighborhood.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of cotillear
cotilleo  cotilleas  cotillea  cotilleamos  cotilleáis  cotillean  cotilleaba  cotilleabas  cotilleaba  cotilleábamos  cotilleabais  cotilleaban  cotilleé  cotilleaste  cotilleó  cotilleamos  cotilleasteis  cotillearon  cotillearé  cotillearás  cotilleará  cotillearemos  cotillearéis  cotillearán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of gossip   [ gossiped, gossiped ]