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crecer      to grow     

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Sample sentences:
Los cervatillos tienen manchas blancas en el lomo que desaparecen a medida que crecen.

Fawns have white spots on their back that disappear as they grow.
Esta es una tierra seca y necesita riego para que algo crezca en ella. This is a dry land and needs irrigation for something to grow on it.
El incendio era terrible y las llamas crecían a cada momento. The fire was terrible and the flames were growing every moment.
crecer /zc/ to grow

Do you know any people in Australia. I have delivered all the necessary information to the friends. Please give them a few more days to correct the letters (I was not in the office last week).
For example, there are many regions in the United States in which only few African-Americans live. Somehow intolerance is the biggest there, because the citizens there are not used to foreigners.
Unfortunately, the boat's maneuvering system broke down and we were told that we could not take it. We were furious, but decided to make the best out of the situation. The offered to take the Red Dragon instead.
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Conjugation of crecer
crezco  creces  crece  crecemos  crecéis  crecen  crecía  crecías  crecía  crecíamos  crecíais  crecían  crecí  creciste  creció  crecimos  crecisteis  crecieron  creceré  crecerás  crecerá  creceremos  creceréis  crecerán 
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Conjugation of grow   [ grew, grown ]