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Translation of cruce

el cruce      the junction     
el cruce     the crossroads    

Pronunciation of cruce    

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Sample sentences:
Estoy en un cruce y no sé qué camino tomar.

I'm at a crossroads and I don't know which way to go.
Hay que cruzar la calle sólo en el cruce de peatones. We must cross the street only at the crosswalk.
el cruce de peatones crosswalk

Only an independent observer would be able to judge nature, for example God. In this poem the independent power is the witch who cooks her soup of nature, she knows what ingredients she needs to add.
I can send them by mail or bring them in person. I'll be happy to join the trial and help you. The download of the language files may take 30 seconds and the screen is blank during that time.
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