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el dependiente      the seller     
dependiente     dependent    

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el dependiente; la dependienta clerk

Everybody knows about the Indian summer which is famous for it strong and shiny atmosphere in the woods. That is why i wanted to see it too. So, last Saturday morning we left Boston and drove North-West.
Once they see a foreign person, their primitive thoughts come up and they start to hate and dislike without any actual reason. Whose fault is this hate? Is the fault of the ones who are afraid.
On day number 2 we made a day trip to Punta Tombo. We rented a local guide to take us from Puerto Madryn to Punta Tombo to watch the penguins. There were lots of them and walking through their towns was fun!
Most common translations: dedal    cómic    cuerda    cripta    corresponsal    contundencia    consonante    confesión    compra    columnata