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Translation of deporte

el deporte      the sport     

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Sample sentences:
Tengo que comprarme un nuevo par de zapatillas de deporte porque las mías están muy gastadas.

I have to buy a new pair of sneakers because mine are worn out.
Mi hijo tiene tres horas semanales de deporte en su escuela. My son has three hours a week of sport in his school.
La educación física en las escuelas significa clases de gimnasia y deporte. Physical education at schools means gym and sport classes.

Let us speak in the beginning of next week and arrange the exact schedule. I should get the first answer tomorrow or on Thursday evening. And by the way: Happy Birthday to your little cute daughter.
Most are able to overcome their fears and to overcome their ignorance, if they want to. The subject that i am writing about is also an important factor in history since history consists of conflicts.
The travel agent's representative promised that they would return us the difference of the money. They also assured us that we would get special treatment, such as extra drinks and a Kayak expedition.
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