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Translation of depravar

depravar     to deprave    

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I congratulate you on your move to become a private Spanish teacher. People need to believe in you and the most important thing is that you need to believe in yourself. It won't be easy at the beginning.
I do not mean to claim that they ought forget their own history, but I assert that they should forgive, not to the culprits who made the rage (that would not be possible), but the next innocent generation.
After a long sleep we ordered a cab which took us from the hotel to the airport. We were a little sad to leave. The flight over the South China Sea lasted two hours. We landed in Hong Kong's new airport.
Most common translations: defenderse    cúbico    cuidado    croar    cortador    conversador    construcción    configurar    comprobar    combinar   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of depravar
depravo  depravas  deprava  depravamos  depraváis  depravan  depravaba  depravabas  depravaba  depravábamos  depravabais  depravaban  depravé  depravaste  depravó  depravamos  depravasteis  depravaron  depravaré  depravarás  depravará  depravaremos  depravaréis  depravarán