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Translation of descontaminar

descontaminar     to decontaminate    

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I congratulate you on your move to become a private Spanish teacher. People need to believe in you and the most important thing is that you need to believe in yourself. It won't be easy at the beginning.
I even put on my Poncho, a plastic rain coat, in order to protect myself from the aircon-breeze. Somehow I managed to fall asleep and woke up at around six in the morning when we approach Palenque.
As soon as I went to bed, incredibly loud music starting playing from right beneath my room. The music was so loud that I could not fall asleep despite my jet lag and despite being extremely tired.
Most common translations: depositario    defender    cósmico    cueva    criticar    cortado    conversación    constituir    configuración    comprobante   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of descontaminar
descontamino  descontaminas  descontamina  descontaminamos  descontamináis  descontaminan  descontaminaba  descontaminabas  descontaminaba  descontaminábamos  descontaminabais  descontaminaban  descontaminé  descontaminaste  descontaminó  descontaminamos  descontaminasteis  descontaminaron  descontaminaré  descontaminarás  descontaminará  descontaminaremos  descontaminaréis  descontaminarán