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Translation of desempleado

el desempleado     the unemployed    ; the unemployed person

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desempleado/a unemployed

I will usually use the most usual sense of the term, and not the more sophisticated ones and I think you will understand what I wanted to say. In any case we should review all words every two days or so.
I've never been to Switzerland, but I've been thinking about visiting it for a long time. Until now I was only in France and Holland. I should take the time and travel and visit new places.
Life in Brazil is exciting because it is so different. The people, the weather, and so much more! One can have a completely wrong impression when listening to the media. You can live a great life here.
Most common translations: derrotista    delegado    de acuerdo    cuna    crítica    costado    copla    contar    congenial    concepción