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Translation of deshilvanado

deshilvanado     bitty    

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Sample sentences:
Su conferencia estuvo tan deshilvanada que nadie la entendió.

His lecture was so bitty that no-one understood it.

That was really cool. I flew from Koppenhagen to Thailand and did not know until take off where I wanted to go from Bangkok. We left Germany after midnight. I was really excited to go to a new place.
Yes, but on the other hand, using full, simple sentences also helps people who are learning the language more than just the short clauses. It is probably a mix of both, but I have not decided yet which ratio is the best for us.
I am also your friend now, how nice is that. I am learning English for a year. I love this language. I already can speak Spanish, because my mother is from Mexico. Your German is really well!
Most common translations: desayuno    demostrar    decimonoveno    cámara    cubierta    creencia    coronilla    contramandar    consenso    condominio