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Translation of desmayar

desmayar     to faint    

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In addition, may i know whether you are using external resources to translate? It is very important not to copy words from other dictionaries. Better to take just the best two translations for a certain word and not all translations.
I will see if programmer can do it easily or not. Personally I don't need it. We use Facebook for marketing tool. Facebook uses a lot of short messages to communicated with users and fans. I forgot the exact name.
I really would like to invest more time here but until now I was too busy to keep my promises. Maybe I should take a vacation and go back to Scotland and take another language course there.
Most common translations: desconsiderado    deposición    defecto    cónsul    cuestionario    criterio    corsario    convento    constitucional    confidencialidad   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of faint   [ fainted, fainted ]