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Translation of despedirse

despedirse      to say goodbye     

Pronunciation of despedirse    

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We can recognize the facts and how they are. So we might observe a lot of things but we will never understand, we will never know why the flower is red, what brought the little aninal to that height.
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We then went out to have a drink at a bar near the hotel. There were mostly foreigners at the bar. All in all, we had the impression that there were many Westerners living in the city which gave this mix.
Most common translations: desembolsar    derrotar    delegación    daño    cumplir    crédulo    costa    copioso    contaminar    congelarse   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of despedirse
[me despedido]
me despido  te despides  se despide  nos despedimos  os despedís  se despiden  me despedía  te despedías  se despedía  nos despedíamos  os despedíais  se despedían  me despedí  te despediste  se despidió  nos despedimos  os despedisteis  se despidieron  me despediré  te despedirás  se despedirá  nos despediremos  os despediréis  se despedirán