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Translation of desplegar

desplegar     to deploy    

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Sample sentences:
Por suerte el paracaídas se desplegó a tiempo.

Fortunately, the parachute deployed in time.

There were two options, a connection flight to Phuket and one to Krabi. Generally, I wanted to reach the western part of the country, because it apparently had better weather this time of year.
Yes, but on the other hand, using full, simple sentences also helps people who are learning the language more than just the short clauses. It is probably a mix of both, but I have not decided yet which ratio is the best for us.
When I was in Austria, I went to ski school for a week in Kitzbuehel. Do you know this place? It's not far away from Munich. We always fly to Munich, with a stopover at Frankfurt airport.
Most common translations: desertar    desahuciar    delito    debilidad    cursar    cualidad    cotilleo    corcovear    contigo    conmocionar   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of desplegar
despliego  despliegas  despliega  desplegamos  desplegáis  despliegan  desplegaba  desplegabas  desplegaba  desplegábamos  desplegabais  desplegaban  desplegué  desplegaste  desplegó  desplegamos  desplegasteis  desplegaron  desplegaré  desplegarás  desplegará  desplegaremos  desplegaréis  desplegarán