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Translation of diabólico

diabólico     diabolic    
diabólico     diabolical    

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Sample sentences:
Fue un asesino diabólico.

He was a diabolical murderer.

We do not see the spider eating the moth, we only see a yellow spider sitting on a red flower holding a brown moth. But we know what will occur: There will be a cruel and nasty act of the nature.
When I finally arrived at my destination I still had the task of finding an accommodation. As my acquaintances where with me we started looking together, however we discovered that we were not on the same budget.
That is great. Thank you for the support (and for the compliment). Recommendations by universities are always very appreciated, as universities are usually more selective about external resources.
Most common translations: despiadado    desenredar    desafortunado    delicioso    debajo    curador    cuadrar    costumbre    corazón    contenido