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Translation of diagnóstico

el diagnóstico     the diagnosis    
el diagnóstico     the diagnostic    

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Sample sentences:
Mostró mucho coraje después de su diagnóstico de cáncer.

She showed a lot of courage after her diagnosis of cancer.
Su médico le practicó una serie de análisis en busca de un diagnóstico. His doctor had him have a workup.
El médico dijo que todavía no hay un diagnóstico. The doctor said that there is not a diagnostic yet.

Think always positively. There will be very hard times where even the ones who are supposed to be the closest will say things that will disappoint you the most. Listen to them but with caution.
This perilous reaction, due to trivial, conventional thinking of us might lead to direct violence or at least to its support. Furthermore it can destroys one's good intensions and qualities.
We had coffee, played cards and waited for our guide. We had booked the tour with Handspan, so that we were confident that he would show up. In the end the guide was a 'she' and not a 'he'.
Most common translations: despistado    deseo    desaguar    delinear    deber    curioso    cuadrático    cotejar    corchete    contestador