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Translation of distante

distante     distant    

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Sample sentences:
Lo que parece polvo de estrellas es en realidad millones de estrellas muy distantes de la Tierra.

What looks like stardust is really millions of stars very far away from Earth.

Spanish people are always saying, that you have to live the moment, you have to live now, since you do not know what is going to happen in the future. I think it is because many have troubles.
When I finally arrived at my destination I still had the task of finding an accommodation. As my acquaintances where with me we started looking together, however we discovered that we were not on the same budget.
We did not feel any danger at all and found the area very attractive. Especially Bocca with its colorful building appealed to us. In addition, we found out that Maradonna was the king of this neighborhood.
Most common translations: diligencia    detectar    desmovilización    descortés    depresión    defensor    cúrcuma    cuidadoso    cromosoma    corte