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Translation of distinción

la distinción     the distinction    

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Sample sentences:
Los jueces deben siempre buscar la justicia para todos sin distinción.

Judges should always seek justice for everybody without distinction.

Since my wife is pregnant, we must postpone the trip until tomorrow. I am back again in Poland in June and then I would be very happy to meet you. I will email the exact dates a little later.
Sorry, I did not know that I have a meeting with a friend. I will talk about our trip. Many thanks for the email and I hope we write eachother again soon and next time longer letters, I promise.
In school, we now are learning the grammar part, more specifically, the participles and so on. I understand it at all, but the conjugations, boy they are tough. A lot of patience is needed.
Most common translations: diligente    detective    desnatar    describir    deprimente    deficiencia    dactílico    cuidar    cronología    cortejar