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Translation of distribuidor

el distribuidor     the distributor    
el distribuidor     the dispenser    

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el distribuidor leverancier (m)

Think always positively. There will be very hard times where even the ones who are supposed to be the closest will say things that will disappoint you the most. Listen to them but with caution.
In my last email to you i suggested that everyone has a tiny bit of racism in himself, not necessarily much, but definetely a little. Unfortunately, in this case, the information we get is wrong.
We then went out to have a drink at a bar near the hotel. There were mostly foreigners at the bar. All in all, we had the impression that there were many Westerners living in the city which gave this mix.
Most common translations: dinamitar    detestar    desolación    desdibujar    dermatología    degustar    danza    cultivador    cruel    cosechar