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Translation of doncella

la doncella     the maid    
la doncella     the maiden    

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Sample sentences:
Ana Bolena era una doncella de la reina Catalina de Aragón, antes de que Enrique VIII se casara con ella.

Anne Boleyn was a maiden of Queen Catherine of Aragon, before Henry VIII married her.

It turned out that they did not have a license to house foreigners but I was too tired and besides, where else would I go. Furthermore they insisted that I should not bring prostitutes to their home.
So the man and the woman are staing at the station, sitting at their table and tasting unknown alcoholic drinks, wishing they had the same feeling of joy that they had known before this all happened.
He was hysterical, he got married two weeks earlier and already has lost his first wedding ring. How embarrassing is that? In addition, everybody on the ship heard it so that it was even more embarrassing.
Most common translations: disoluto    diferenciar    destructivo    desinterés    descolgar    departamento    decoro    cóctel    cuenco    crimen