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Translation of ducha

la ducha      the shower     
la ducha     the douche    ; the shower    

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Sample sentences:
A veces canto bajo la ducha.

Sometimes I sing in the shower.
con ducha with a shower

As I mentioned before, due to the small memory size and the relatively large size of the application, a little of the traffic was lost. This traffic appeared on the log file as well as in the analyzer.
While time is a great healer, it is very difficult and not necessarily advisable for a country to forget its past, therefore history always keeps the tensions to others alive. I will explain.
Fortunately the bay we anchored was very calm and the ship did not move at all, or at least one could not feel it. We prepared for dinner and went to the deck, where everybody else was sitting.
Most common translations: diversión    diosa    devenir    despedida    desembarazar    derrochar    delantero    dañar    cumplido    cráter   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of shower   [ showered, showered ]