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Translation of dureza

la dureza     the hardness    

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la dureza the severity

It looks like we need to invite Erika again to my home, once the cake is ready. Of course, this should be done before Sunday to stay in the chocolate cake race. We should buy cream too.
Sorry, I did not know that I have a meeting with a friend. I will talk about our trip. Many thanks for the email and I hope we write eachother again soon and next time longer letters, I promise.
I'd be very happy if we could write me. I have read your blog. Are you from the U.S.? Where exactly are you from, which state? I have visited Chicago last year because my grandma lives there.
Most common translations: doceavo    discreción    diariamente    despreciable    desfilar    desarmador    demencia    decapitación    curvar    cuarenta