Spanish Dictionary

Translation of durmiente

la durmiente     the sleeper    
durmiente     sleeping    
durmiente     dormant    

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Your surroundings will ask a lot of questions and will try to find out more about your financial situation. They are all cowards and I would not listen to them. Listen to people that you really trust.
I am happy that you are satisfied with your results! Of course I will come again. However, next time I would like to speak to each of the professors in advance to see what their need is.
We boarded the ship and it left the port. They started with lunch, which was pretty good. The ship sailed for about an hour until it reached the bay area, which had over one thousand islands.
Most common translations: docena    discrepancia    diario    despreciar    desfile    desarmar    demente    decapitar    curvo    cuarentena