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Translation of elocuente

elocuente     eloquent    

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Sample sentences:
Él es un conferencista elocuente.

He is an eloquent lecturer.

My mom and dad used to speak English when they wanted to say something I shouldn't understand. In this way I have learned English. I did not tell them till late, but I did understand every word they said.
The point is to add simple sentences, otherwise you will be spending 5 minutes on each word. Send me a list of let's say ten words and how many sample sentences you want or each word and I'll start sometime tomorrow and see how long it takes.
Now I am learning by other means, such as reading and writing. I can not begin with conjugation training because I lack the basic knowledge. How are you learning at this site and which is your best lesson?
Most common translations: dólar    domar    diseño    diecisiete    destilar    deshuesar    descanso    denigrar    decimotercero    cápsula